Don't just take our word for it - Why not take a look at what retailers, bloggers, designers and knitters have to say about using HiyaHiya products:

Carmen Popescu, Romania 
Before HiyaHiya I tried other interchangeable needles, but since I got HiyaHiya needles I have never used others. I love them, they are so light, and the joins are so smooth.
August 2017
Levent  Özergen, Turkey 

Özellikle Hiya Hiya Europe nın çantalı şiş setlerine bayıldım ilk fırsatta alıp denemek istiyorum

August 2017

Fransien Van Den Bemd, Netherlands 

Geweldige rondbreinaalden. Heerlijk om mee te werken.

August 2017

Barbara Cantarelli, Italy

Adoro i miei circolari Hiyahiya. Ho iniziato con loro e ringrazio chi me li ha consigliati. Sono ottimi da utilizzare, poi tutti gli accessori sono stupendi e coloratissimi. Oramai il panda è diventato il mio simbolo.

August 2017

Ann Lemaitre, Netherlands 
Vandaag de set van circulaire sokkennaaldjes HiyaHiya sharp ontvangen. Direct mijn sok daar op overgezet. Zalige naaldjes om mee te breien en een mooi tasje om alles in te bewaren.
April 2017

Catherine Lewin, Belgium 
Great and cute tools for knitters!
April 2017

Claire Fairall, UK
My new bamboo tips and needle shafts are superb quality and a joy to use. Together the tips and shafts make the best bamboo needles I have ever used. The tips are smooth but not slippery and the point angle is perfect for fast knitting without splitting the yarn. As for the adjustable length needle shafts-I am a total convert, I design and knit a lot of small items so short needle shafts are ideal for me. However, to be able to add some length in a trice for areas of a pattern where the stitch count increases is a huge bonus. Now I can't wait to try my cable on my next project!
April 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Cecilia Bjorneheim of Garnci, Sweden
Sharp, lightweight and high quality!
March 2017

Karen Bush of Paws on Keys, USA
The 9" circulars and the cute accessories are just fun!
March 2017                                                                                                                                                                                               

Catherine Levin of Petite Pimprenelle, France
On m'en avait dit beaucoup de bien et je ne suis pas du tout déçue à l'usage : j'adooore mes nouvelles aiguilles HiyaHiya. Pour mon premier essai, j'ai choisi des interchangeables en métal et elles sont vraiment parfaites.
March 2017

Emma Friedlander-Collins of Mrs. Steel's School of Stitchcraft and Scissory, UK
I'm SO excited about my new needles from HiyaHiya Europe that I wanted to share! I LOVE short needles, which are hard to find, and these come with separate parts so you can make them any length you like, and then change the size of the needle end to whatever you like too AND they have tiny pandas holding socks for the ends! Awesome. Properly awesome!
March 2017 

Faye Awit, Instagram
Everything from the  length of the tips, to their smoothness without being slippery as metal. I love that they can be used from cotton to cashmere and I especially love how flexible the cables are. My favourite needles ever.  
March 2017 

Victoria Mgeladze of Vikiwolf, Russia
Thank you for the quick delivery package and quality service. Thank you for the prompt and correct attitude towards every customer, to every even small problem.
September 2016

Luc Cuvelier, UK
Thank you for bringing all these innovations that allow for a whole new knitting experience.
August 2016

Fran Higgs of Knitty Delights, London, UK
I love my HiyaHiya sharps for sock knitting and lace, the points are excellent !
June 2016

Erika of Loareknits, Barcelona, Spain
I only have regular HiyaHiya stainless steel DPNS for my socks but they’re my favourite! I’m thinking of getting another pair so that I can knit two at a time… and I’d love to try your small circular set. Maybe I’ll ask for it as a Christmas present!
June 2016

Maria Samuelsson of Garnomera, Sweden
I love my HiyaHiya-sharp. The perfect needle for me.
June 2016

Filoseaussi, Instagram
Les meilleures aiguilles circulaires que je connaisse.
June 2016

Marguerite Meuh, Lorraine, France 
I love it! Never without HiyaHiya.
June 2016

Jimmersgal, Instagram
I love love love my sharps for sock knitting especially. The circular joins are smooth. Very pleased.
June 2016

Tracey Whitehead of Ewemomma, Northern Ireland
I love HiyaHiya 9” circular needles & find them so much better than DPNs or magic loop for socks and mittens! And cos I love them so much, I became a HiyaHiya Retailer!
June 2016

Gwen Bouchon, France
I sooooo love mine! I can’t knit with anything else anymore.
June 2016

Ali Phillips, Australia
My world totally opened up when I discovered how much easier and faster they made my knitting! A fan for life here.
June 2016

Donna Overfield, USA
They are my favourite needles to use for every project.
June 2016

Amanda, UK
Seriously ADORE my HiyaHiya Steel Sharps-I wish there were more shops closer by that sold them, but I can always find them online. I don’t know that I could go back to using any other set.
June 2016

Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre Rguez of losretosdelu.com, Spain
I love all my HiyaHiya! But discovered sharp ones this summer and I’m in love!
June 2016

Terri Carroll of Fine Fish Yarns, Northern Ireland
HiyaHiya till I die.
June 2016

Karen Bush of pawsonkeys.com, USA
The little pandas make knitting fun, the needles are the best out there and I love the 9” circulars for socks.
June 2016

Sofia Luciernaga_9, Instagram 
The sharp ones are the best!
June 2016

Chantal, USA
I have 4 sets of the 9” circulars in different sizes and they’re amazing. 3 bamboo (normally I really dislike anything but metal needles) and one sharp. I recommend them to anyone who wants to try knitting on 9” circulars.
June 2016

Donna Clerkin of knitsamadworld, UK
Love 2.5mm HiyaHiyas because they are the pointiest needles I’ve used and nice and slippy for magic loop on socks.
June 2016

Anna Raffone of La Stanza della Lana, Italy
We love your sets !
May, 2016

Rebecca Bailey, blogger of British Bea Knits, Warwickshire
Completely and utterly adore HiyaHiya needles, I don’t use any other brand. All my socks are knitted using nine inch sharps.
March 2016

Anne Eliassen of Annestrikk, Norway
I love the bamboo needles from HiyaHiya Europe. They’re the only needles I use when knitting. 
March 2016

Mireia C of Rouge Vermilon, Spain
Es un placer tejer con vuestras agujas.
March 2016

Le Petit Crocodile, Instagram
Mes aiguilles HiyaHiya interchangeables small dont je suis ravie.
March 2016

Jocelyn of Knitwithluv 
First time knitting with HiyaHiya knitting needles and I’m loving how light and airy they feel, enjoying the speed yet appreciate slight tooth the needles have and the points are pretty perfect. 
March 2016

Mónica Cifuentes of Witchnofret, Spain 
The little panda helps me to change needles to a large cable.
March 2016

Jacqueline Carvell, UK
I am just so in love with this beautiful DPN case from HiyaHiya.
March 2016

Cecilia Björneheim of Garnci, Sweden
My customers love them!
March 2016

Liina Ivalo of Kutimointia, Finland
Some yarn and needle combos are better than others, and then there’s Tuku Wool fingering and HiyaHiya needles, which is a simply divine combination of knitterly bliss. I could weep out of happiness. 
March 2016

Anna Watson, Spain
Enamoradísima Me encanta esta calidad.
March 2016

Meritxell, Instagram
Muero de amor con mi nueva adquisición de HiyaHiya, ha sido una tarde guay.
March 2016

Cecilia García Rodrigo of Trizas y Trazos, Spain 
Con los ositos de HiyaHiya Europe acompañándote da gusto sacar las agujas a tejer.
March 2016

Kandy Thomas, France 
C’est fou comme le tricot va plus vite avec les HiyaHiya.
March 2016

Tracey Whitehead of Ewemomma, Northern Ireland

I wouldn’t use anything else after using these stitch markers!
March 2016

Fiona Littlewood of Little Dragon Jewellery, UK

Love your crochet hooks- and so do my customers! So smooth and make working easier, regardless of which yarn you choose to use.
March 2016

Béatrice Valiere, France
The knitting is easier. Very good items indeed. Trop top ce matériel : idéal pour tricote.
March 2016

Clare of The Stitching Hour, UK
HiyaHiya stock a fantastic range of notions –they are super cure, brightly coloured, great quality and fabulously priced! Where would I be without my 9” mini circulars? Plus, the quality of the polymer clay handle crochet hooks I make and sell would not be the same without using HiyaHiya crochet hooks as my base!
March 2016

Lisa Schofield of LisaLovesYarns, Australia
I always buy HiyaHiya and have my lovely collections of anodised crochet hooks which never cause snags and make crocheting lace a breeze. Also my HiyaHiya bamboo circulars allow the yarn to glide from one needle to the other and the super pointy ends get in tight places. The needles are light and comfortable to use.
March 2016

Debs Berber of Little Boo Yarns, UK
I have used HiyaHiya crochet hooks for my handmade crochet hook handles since I started making and I’ve always been super happy with them – so are my customers!
March 2016

Knittinwolf of wolfefarms.net, USA
HiyaHiya are the only needles my husband and I will use. We’ve talked about them for over four years on our video podcast! They’re the best! Excellent quality, never any issues!
March 2016

Annika Hedling of Under valnötsträdet, Sweden

Have tried both sharp and steel circular and now bamboo circular and I recommend them both. Knitted with Knit Pro before and I broke several knitting needles! 
March 2016

Erin Lynn Wray, USA

Couldn’t live without my wonderful HiyaHiya needles.

March 2016

Rebecca Wiloughby, USA
I have a set of the interchangeable needles, and the nine inch sock circulars and some eleven and twelve inch fixed circulars. They come in a gorgeous satin brocade cases. I love them! When you see me knitting with metal needles, this is the brand I am using.
March 2016

Olena Korzh of Agrafka, Ukraine
Recently we've got our package and I want to thank you - everything was packed well and all the needles are gorgeous by themselves.
February 2016

Stephanie Carey Little, UK
5 stars. I love my sharps interchangeables! Best knitting needles on the planet!
August 2015

Karen Whetham, UK
5 stars. I can't imagine making socks with anything but my HiyaHiya rounds! They are a knitters dream come true.
Summer, 2015

Linda Eglinton, UK
5 stars. Having a nickel allergy I chose HiyaHiya Sharps to replace my current sets for several reasons: The company personally responded to my inquiry about nickel content very quickly; Surgical Stainless Steel construction designed by an engineer; spinning cables; two cable connector sizes so there is no change in the size of the stitch or catching when yarn transitions from cable to needle; sizes are stamped on each needle & cable & won't rub off like other brands; they are just plain delicious to work with! First time I have ever achieved proper stitch gauge on the first go. HiyaHiya makes a great product. Thank you!
October 2014

Julie Fillingham, UK 
5 stars. Superb and faultless customer service!
May 2014