Sample Pack

The highly innovative HiyaHiya brand now comes in a Sample Pack so you can test our products before committing! These unique sets offer a basic range of HiyaHiya products that give you the full experience, highlighting the features that make HiyaHiya such a popular knitting and crochet brand.

There are three Sample Kits available; Bamboo, Sharp, and Steel. Each comes with the same basic plan, just in the material of your choice. They also offer a fantastic dive into our accessory range, allowing you to discover how each product interacts with each other, and as a consequence, how they will benefit your customers.

Sample Packs contain the following:

1 x 5" Interchangeable Tip 4mm (Bamboo, Sharp, or Steel)
1 x 16" Fixed Circular 4mm (Bamboo, Sharp, or Steel)
1 x 8" DPN 4mm (Bamboo, Sharp, or Steel)
1 x Small Interchangeable Cable 32"/24"
1 x Miniature Interchangeable Cable 24"/26"
Animal Snip
Needle Grips + Cable Key
Small Interchangeable Tip Adapters
Sheep Needle Gauge
Cable Needles
FREE Tote Bag

Sizes may vary depending on stock. If you have a preference for size, you can leave a note on your order and the warehouse team will fulfill your request.

If you make a first order over £300 after buying a Sample Pack, we will reimburse you the price of the Sample Pack, as well as still being eligible for the 10% discount and free shipping on your first order.

We have developed a conversion chart for the measurements of needles and crochet hooks, it can be found here.


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