Garnkurven is a web-based shop selling an array of different knitting products.  We discussed the inspiration behind the business.

Now has never been a better time to add Sheep Needle Gauges to your store. Right now, they are 50% off, with the singles priced at £1.00.

The Flyer Sets offer the most complete package for any knitter wishing to indulge in our amazing Flying range.

HiyaHiya Europe's new Sample Packs are perfect for trialling our products and witnessing the amazing quality in first person.

We’re excited to restart our Yarn of the Month series by talking to our friend Yuri Kojima, who runs EYLUL in Osaka, Japan. We discussed how EYLUL began, the knitting and crochet scene currently in… Read more »

HiyaHiya Darn It Needles are essential for all knitters, especially as accidents happen and repairs are needed.

Available in three distinct colours and patterns, the Project Bag allows the knitter to express their unique personality and style.

Every knitter that has a backlog of patterns that they wish to complete would be greatly complemented by the Interchangeable Tip Adapters.

The cold weather does bring opportunities to knit round projects and HiyaHiya Sharp Fixed Circulars are perfect for making socks.

Metallic yarns, particularly gold and silver, have been used since ancient times as decoration for the clothing of kings and queens.