About HiyaHiya Europe

HiyaHiya Europe is the exclusive wholesaler of the renowned HiyaHiya brand and we distribute our innovative knitting needles, crochet hooks, gift sets and accessories across Europe and the wider world.

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HiyaHiya Reviews

I love my HiyaHiya sharps for sock knitting and lace, the points are excellent !

Knitty Delights, UK

Özellikle Hiya Hiya Europe nın çantalı şiş setlerine bayıldım ilk fırsatta alıp denemek istiyorum

Levent Özergen, Turkey

Many thanks for your work! In our country, HiyaHiya hasn't been known long, but many already love HiyaHiya because you have the best tools and incredibly cute accessories, as well as large selection of goods. Our clients are madly happy to have sets from HiyaHiya. Many thanks for the help and responsiveness. HiyaHiya Europe You are the best!

Alpac.me, Russia