About HiyaHiya Europe

HiyaHiya Europe is the exclusive wholesaler of the renowned HiyaHiya brand and we distribute our innovative knitting needles, crochet hooks, gift sets and accessories across Europe and the wider world.

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HiyaHiya Reviews

Mes aiguilles HiyaHiya interchangeables small dont je suis ravie.

Le Petit Crocodile, Instagram

I always buy HiyaHiya and have my lovely collections of anodised crochet hooks which never cause snags and make crocheting lace a breeze. Also my HiyaHiya bamboo circulars allow the yarn to glide from one needle to the other and the super pointy ends get in tight places. The needles are light and comfortable to use.

LisaLovesYarns, Australia

Con los ositos de HiyaHiya Europe acompañándote da gusto sacar las agujas a tejer.

Trizas y Trazos, Spain