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yarnz store hiyahiyaYarnz stocks pretty much all of the interchangeable range, the flyers, a selection of very thin and very short circulars, and a large bunch of accessories. The store ships worldwide at very reasonable rates.

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be inspired hiyahiyaBe Inspired is a store in South Africa, on the East Coast, and a treasure trove of color and our favorite needles, HiyaHiya. There’s a studio, as well as an online store, with beautiful South African yarns, as well as special imports, books, accessories, as well as workshops and retreats for yarn lovers.

Maschenwahn is located in Offenbach, next to Frankfurt
in Germany. The shop holds natural yarns, both from famous brands and
small hand dyers or spinners, and our customers’ favourites, the
HiyaHiya needles and accessories. They’re here to help you with your project
or find the right pattern in their extensive knitting library. Just come
in, sit down for a while, have a delicious cappuccino and knit some
rows. Workshops and knitting parties make Maschenwahn the perfect place
to cure your stitchmania.

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Learn to Knit with HiyaHiya

Beth Knits - Hat Shaped Hat

Purls of Wisdom - Interchangeable

About HiyaHiya Europe

HiyaHiya Europe is the wholesaler of the renowned knitting and crochet brand, HiyaHiya. Formed in 2012 in the city of Norwich, the vision was to bring the innovative and intricate HiyaHiya knitting needles and crochet hooks to the European market. HiyaHiya proved to be popular, and it grew rapidly across Europe and even into new markets in Asia and Africa.

HiyaHiya’s vision of innovation and quality has been embraced by knitters and yarn stores alike. Our products have been critically acclaimed by various bloggers and vloggers across the world, with many choosing HiyaHiya as their preferred brand over our competitors.

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HiyaHiya’s extensive product range of knitting needles include Double Pointed Needles, Fixed Circular Needles, Interchangeable Circular Needles and our unique Interchangeable Straight Needles. Our needles and interchangeable tips are available in resin injected bamboo, stainless steel and sharp.

All first orders over £300 are eligible for a 10% discount and free shipping. All subsequent orders over £1000 will be eligible for free shipping. We distribute HiyaHiya products across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, while making delivery as fast and simple as possible.

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HiyaHiya Europe Reviews

I always buy HiyaHiya and have my lovely collections of anodised crochet hooks which never cause snags and make crocheting lace a breeze. Also my HiyaHiya bamboo circulars allow the yarn to glide from one needle to the other and the super pointy ends get in tight places. The needles are light and comfortable to use.

LisaLovesYarns, Australia

I happily received my first order this Monday. Today to my surprise the display box arrived as well. I am thoroughly grateful for all the promotional material you provided. And very happy that my order was exactly as I ordered. It has been a very pleasant first order and you handled that beyond my expectations. I look forward to a long lasting working relationship.

Zeven Katten, Netherlands

Sharp, lightweight and high quality!

Cecilia Bjorneheim of Garnci, Sweden